Creamy Chicken Teriyaki Fettuccine


So lastnight my lovely roommate Cait made dinner for us (shepherd’s pie). With that being said, I will used the previous nights expedition as my first official post! YAY!
So this is a recipe that my sister Amy had told me about and she had made for my brother in-law and niece. While I forgot the exact process she had told me, I Googled it and came across and amazing recipe and made some adjustments of my own. It sounded very off the wall and I was skeptical as to how the ingredients would work together, but that alone made me up for the challenge… So, without further ado here is the run down!
(P.S Please forgive my crappy pictures, used my cell phone because I left my camera at the bank)

*Scroll to the end for better pictures*

Creamy Chicken Teriyaki Fettuccine
2 lbs Chicken Breast (cubed)
1 Pkg Fettucinne (cooked)
3 Tbsp Flour
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
3 Tbsp Unsalted Butter
1/4 Cup Water
1 Cup Soy Vey “Very Very Teriyaki”
2 Cups Heavy Cream
1 Cup Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese
3 Cloves Garlic (minced & smashed)
1 Cup Broccoli
1 Cup Snow Peas
1 Cup Brussel Sprouts

Okay, the fun begins!

Heat olive oil in a skillet and cook your cubed chicken. Once no longer pink in the center, add your broccoli, snow peas, and brussel sprouts as well as the 1/4 cup of water. Mix well, then cover and simmer for 5 minutes on low heat.

Mean while take a large pot and heat the butter and garlic over medium for 2 minutes or until fragrant and translucent. Slowly whisk in flour and cook at the same setting for another 2 minutes while continuously whisking. Dont let the flower brown, but if you notice it browning, then go to the next step immediately but remember it is not the end of the world!!!! Lol

Slowly add the cream to the butter, garlic, flour mixture while continuously whisking and bring to a boil. Once the cream thickens slowly whisk in the teriyaki sauce and parmesan cheese.

Reduce to a simmer for 3 minutes then combine the chicken and vegetable mixture with the sauce in the large pot. Serve over cooked fettuccine or any other pasta you prefer!


Okay, it has only been months in the making but I finally have new pictures that are not crappy cell phone quality!



Yes, I had my sister over and she cooked ME dinner!


Unfortunately I deleted those pictures from my blog unintentionally so here are some from the this week when I made it just for the principle of having some decent pictures on here!

DSCF6466 DSCF6468 DSCF6477 DSCF6478 DSCF6479 DSCF6481 DSCF6485 DSCF6486 DSCF6488 DSCF6491






If you have a hard time getting your sauce to thicken up, add a little bit of corn starch diluted with water and stir well.



DSCF6510 DSCF6511


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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! I will be making this again very soon and promise to have more posted about it with better pictures… these don’t do it justice!

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